Pacific Financial Derivatives 基本资料
公司名称 所属国家 成立时间
新西兰 1999年
平台软件 监管信息 最低入金
MT4 0,377
点差类型 最小头寸 剥头皮
浮动 0.01手 允许
入金方式 交易品种 出金优惠
银联/电汇 外汇、金属、指数、大宗商品 银联/电汇
经营模式 主要点差 爆仓比例
Pacific Financial Derivatives 出入金&平台相关
公司名称 最低入金 入金方式
Pacific Financial Derivatives 银联/电汇
使用平台软件 服务器区时 交易品种
MT4 GMT+2/+3 外汇、金属、指数、大宗商品
出金优惠 最大杠杆
Pacific Financial Derivatives 平台简介

PFD-NZ in business since 1999,  a regulated broker since 2005 and one of the very few NZ licensed brokers follows stringent laws- segregation of investors' funds, maintenance of adequate capital and its dealings fall under the oversight and monitoring by the Financial Markets Authority whose aim is to protect the interest of investors. These safeguard investors' funds. When it comes to transparency and fairness in dealings, PFD tops the list.

PFD is connected with about a dozen liquidity providers and enjoys deep liquidity. PFD is a 100% STP, a NDD broker,  a transparent and a customer focussed broker offering competitive spreads and trading conditions.  PFD' hosting is at the key datacenter in Equinix NY4 and it offers low-latency and best liquidity to its clients.

PFD's most popular ac types are PFDTrader, PFDPro and PFDProPlus. PFDTrader offers commission free FX trading. PFDPro and PFDProPlus offer tightest spreads bundled with positive slippage, competitive trading terms, no restriction trading strategy and charges $1/side/lot commission. PFDProPlus is unique that it allows swap net out on the top of all other features of PFDPro - Net out swaps mean accurate swap values calculated for summarised unhedged position. PFD also offers FIX API & MAM account types.

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